I'm an iOS and OS X developer from the UK.
If you see a grgarside, it's probably me.

I have a blog, which I post to on occasion. Usually when something breaks in an OS X Yosemite beta or with BT's awful broadband routers.

I've made a few apps for various platforms.
Unfortunately most of them are not public as they were written for coursework, here's two that I made for the Thomas Deacon Academy:

  • TDA Planner, a homework and planner app for the Thomas Deacon Academy, available on both iOS and Android. This allows pupils to access their homework assignments set by their teachers on their mobile device, as well as accessing their card data and school announcements. This complements the school's VLE gateway. This app integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, the software that the school uses to manage homework and other student data, to obtain information relevant to the specific student and show this to the student at an appropriate time. Furthermore, the app uses a custom API which allows for very fast updating of dynamic content, but without any extra load on the school's servers. The integration with iCloud also allows students to move their information between device without needing to re-enter their data, and also makes use of iCloud storage to store key pairs.
  • TDA Enrichment, a timetable app for school enrichment for iOS. This was the first development that I made for the school for their sports enrichment to allow students to access the latest enrichment timetable from their mobile device as well as health and fitness information relating to their current physical condition.

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