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It seems there’s yet another bug in the BT Home Hub 5 causing it to be unable to connect to broadband and show an orange flashing light. Here’s how to fix it. This time, the fix is easier than getting a replacement, although it’s more of a workaround. This is the fix to the problem that after rebooting a Home Hub 5, it is unable to connect to broadband, showing a flashing/solid orange bar light or red light (and possibly the red broadband light underneath).

To fix this and allow your BT Home Hub 5 to connect to broadband, try this:

  1. Go to in your web browser.
    This is the default IP address for the hub. If you’ve changed the IP address, use that instead, or try http://bthomehub.home/.
  2. Click Advanced Settings in the toolbar and log in with your admin password.
  3. Click Broadband, then Reset username.
  4. Wait a few seconds and the hub should connect.
    The bar light on the front of the hub should go from solid/flashing orange, to flashing orange, to solid orange, then blue to indicate a successful connection to broadband. The broadband light under the bar light should go out when connection is made.

If you’re suffering from the bug, you may need to do this each time you restart the hub and the orange flashing light will be replaced with a blue solid light and broadband will be connected.

If the hub still doesn’t connect to broadband, make sure you’ve gone through the standard troubleshooting procedures, including restarting the hub and making sure that all cables are connected correctly to the hub.

  1. Check power and all cables, then switch your computer and devices off and then on.
  2. While they’re restarting, press and hold your Hub’s Restart button until your Hub light goes orange.
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