Earn Bitcoin Faucet Features

Win BTC every hour with this free bitcoin faucet for freebitcoin! The app uses a random number generator to award bitcoin from a few bits to 0.1 bitcoin per hour!

  • Rolled random number for bitcoin faucet

    Provably fair randomness

    Uses a ‘provably fair’ random number generator to award bitcoin randomly. You can verify your rolls using the independent roll replay code which you can run locally on your own computer. Every roll has a minimum win which changes daily — you’re guaranteed to win bitcoin with each faucet roll adding to your freebitcoin balance!

  • Payout your bitcoin to your bitcoin address

    Automatic withdraw

    Withdraw bitcoin to your desired bitcoin address, with Auto-Withdraw every Sunday (≥0.0001 BTC) or on-demand (v3.0). You don’t need to run the app for the bitcoin to be withdrawn by the server and paid into your account.

  • Earn interest at 4.08% on your bitcoin

    NEW Interest

    Earn interest on your bitcoin stored in the app, at 4.08%!

    You don’t need to run the app to earn interest! Simply maintain at least 0.0003 BTC in your freebitcoin account, then compounded interest is paid every day on the full balance. See Widthdraw above for how to withdraw.

  • Bitcoin lottery every week


    Lottery system with a chance to win over 1.5 BTC every week, with 10 winners selected for various prize levels.

    Any tickets that you receive will be automatically entered into the current weekly round. After the round ends, a script on the server will pick 10 winners randomly from the pool of users having tickets in the current round. When the countdown timer runs out, the current lottery draw will end and a new one will begin automatically.

    The more tickets a user has, the higher their chance will be of winning a prize. Having more tickets will also increase the chance of winning a bigger prize. A user will not be able to win more than 1 prize in a round (ie. the same user cannot win the first and second prize for example).

    The prize money will be credited to the account balance of the winners. An email will also be sent to them to notify them of their win. The lottery system is handled by the server and does not require you to open the app.

★★★★ (4.3) based on 184 ratings.

v3.1 TBC

  • Push notifications for the roll timer expiration, so you always know when you can roll again.
  • Game Center integration to earn achievements for your Game Center account.
Free Bitcoin App iOS homepage


This is almost a complete rewrite of the app! Entirely new UI, earn interest and view the lottery!

  • Earn interest on your bitcoin at 4.08%! View your interest history and watch your bitcoin interest be compounded daily.
  • Entirely new UI with pages of information about lottery and interest. View all your account information in the app.
  • Toggle the auto withdraw. You can now disable auto withdraw as well as enable it. This is to support the interest feature, since interest is earned on your balance in the app.
  • Winnings table; before you roll, see exactly what your current winnings would be, based on the Bitcoin exchange rate.
  • Roll hashes provided for independent verification of your rolls.
  • You can now change your Bitcoin address from the payout settings screen, as well as view other account information such as your currently logged in email address.


  • Rewritten login and signup UI/UX.
  • Rewritten roll UI/UX with a separate roll page and better handling of captcha callbacks.
  • Lottery system explanation and info, including the 1st place prize (which increases as more people roll, as described above).
  • Shows the maximum possible win before rolling. The minimum and maximum win changes every day, keep checking back!
  • Correctly handles re-opening the app before the hour has passed.
  • Introduction screen for new users to explain how the app works and to show faucet statistics.


Do you want to help with development? Tweet me or contact support above.
TestFlight betas are available for users, or contribute with writing code to the open source repository.

3.0-b2 (build 301)

  • Fix looping bug when going back to roll page after roll reaches 0m 0s, thanks Ewan
  • Added progress bar when rolling, useful for slow network connections
  • Show account email address in payout settings, thanks Ewan
  • Might fix flash of website before captcha when opening faucet, thanks Ewan; needs more testing
  • More obvious notification when signing up that your email needs to be verified, thanks Albert
  • 2FA removed, coming back next build, thanks Sergii
  • Fix stuck at home page after login, thanks Pitcha
  • Auto withdraw properly confirms state on server, thanks Joe

3.0-b1 (build 300)

This is almost a complete rewrite of the app, there’s a lot to test!

  • Information pages. There’s a lot of new information presented to you, about lottery and interest. All this data should be accurate and display correctly without crashing. This absolutely needs testing as much as possible, with the variety of different accounts people have.
  • Auto withdraw toggle. It’s now possible to disable auto withdraw after enabling it. There’s an all new toggle for this and it’s important to test this and check the setting ‘sticks’ after closing the app.
  • Pre-roll winnings table. Not only does the app show the maximum win, but also each level of roll winnings in a table beneath the faucet button. Check the data is shown correctly formatted.
  • Post-roll data. Hashes of the roll are shown below the roll counter. Making sure this always reports correctly is useful in verifying the rolls should someone wish to do so.
  • Pull-to-refresh on the main page. Much of the content should update automatically, but if you’ve been away from the app a while, this stops to conserve battery. Whilst the app does try to detect this, I’ve implemented pull-to-refresh so that you can force the app data to update. Useful if you’ve just made changes on the website.
  • First user signup. An email should be sent with a link to confirm your bitcoin address. This should be fully functional now.
  • Change bitcoin address. You can now change your bitcoin address from the payout settings screen. This is very experimental and needs testing. Don’t forget to click the link in the email to confirm the procedure.
  • New onboarding. Open the app for the first time to be presented with the new app introduction. (Reinstall the app to experience this if you used the previous version.)
  • Login and signup error handling. If you enter your credentials incorrectly, you should get a proper error message informing you of the problem, rather than ‘Authenticating’ forever.
  • It’s green! There’s a green colour scheme, so the navbar should have a green border. Also, the navigation bar should have backdrop blur to match the rest of iOS rather than being opaque. This needs testing on iOS pre-10.

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4 Alex’s avatar

Hey guys, will you updating the app to support iOS 14.5.1?

3 Tyson G’s avatar

Dang I updated to IOS 14.5 and it quit working. Says the developer needs to update. Please George would you be able to work on the IOS update? I thank you so much for even offering this app.

1 Chris’s avatar

Any update progress on the iOS 15 apps? Still not able to update to iOS 15.1

1 Kevci’s avatar

Hello. I just updated IOS and the app says it needs to update. Is there going to be an update?

1 TaraMillward’s avatar

I was sent an email stating that my password was reset, and you gave me a new password to sign in with. The mobile app shows I have a zero balance, so I went to the Internet site, and it shows the amount that I believe that I had, how long will it take for my new balance to transfer to the app?

0 Ev’s avatar

I am trying to reset my 2 factor authentication because I no longer have the code on my 2 factor app. I can’t cash out or even log in anymore…every time I try to reset the 2FA it shows an error message once I click the link in the email…am I being scammed. Please reply!!?

0 Wb’s avatar

How can I access my account from the website?

1 Antonio Camacho’s avatar

I am getting this error when I try to roll it had said Was using a wrong email but I have been using the same email for ever.

0 Ludovic’s avatar


I downloaded the Android App version yesterday and it is not working (i can’t see the Roll numbers in the faucet on my phone) Is there an update coming? IS the app still on?


0 Marco’s avatar

Hi, I’m testing beta IOS 15 and the app crashes. I hope you can solve this problem as soon as possible.

0 Max’s avatar

Captch no working

0 Pngti’s avatar

The new hCaptcha doesn’t work. Click the block, it makes a tick but no troll no earnings.

0 Chris’s avatar

Any update on the IOS 14.5 app

0 Lauren’s avatar

I have just set up a Coinbase account and I’m trying to add the BTC that I have added in your app to this. How do I do this?

0 Elizaveta Redka’s avatar

How can I change the bitcoin address in the application?

0 Miroslav Kruncl’s avatar


I couldn’t get anything from faucet. There is notice that I have invalid email address. But my address [email protected] is correct.

what can I do with that?


0 Tyler Moloney’s avatar

Hello. I am having an issue where when I go to roll on the mobile app it tells me that someone using my IP has already rolled within the hour and to contact you here about it. My balance has not changed. I’ve been using this app on IOS since 2017 without issue and I’m starting to get worried. Please help George I will attach my email. The error message had said to attach a screenshot but I am currently using a mobile device and do not see an option to attach the image however the message reads… Couldn’t roll. Something seems wrong. Please contact georgegarside.com/apps/free-bitcoin with a screenshot of the following information:

Nodes identified: node 0: id=“botdetect_free_play_captcha” class=“captchasnet_captcha_container_div” Node 1: id=“botdetect_free_play_captcha2” class=“captchasnet_captcha_container_div”

0 Anton’s avatar

Hi, I try to change my Bitcoin wallet address, but it says “click in the link in the email we sent” but I don’t receive any mail

0 Saurabh Sehgal’s avatar

Hello sir I am not able to change my btc wallet address to 1PUYggNXtdUqdrewZp1uUK5e2prKSAMMh6

0 AMFT502’s avatar

I have one 150 lottery tickets that won’t appear in my account on the wheel of fortune game.

0 Raymond’s avatar

Hi, I wrote the same message already some weeks ago but I didn’t get an anseer. I get the following message already for some weeks and can‘t roll : „Your email address is invalid. Please contact support. Please contact georgearside.com.apps/free-bitcoin for support.“

I hope this is the support and that you can help me. I never had a problem before and I didn‘t change my email address or something. The message came suddenly withoit any obvious reason.

0 Highfallen’s avatar

Can I run an account for my personal use and a different account for my business?

0 Jlanza265’s avatar

I am having a very hard time resetting my 2FA authentication. Can you help me

0 Raymond Banz’s avatar

Hi, I got the following message : „Your email address is invalid. Please contact support. Please contact georgearside.com.apps/free-bitcoin for support.“

I hope this is the support and that you can help me. I never had a problem before and I didn‘t change my email address or something. The message came suddenly withoit any obvious reason.

0 Michael Chin’s avatar

Hi George

It’s been over 48 hours. When is the payout for the 2020 President betting?

Michael Chin

0 Eugene’s avatar

Hello George! Thank you for your hard work in this app. I have been a member for over three years now. I received a new device and my 2FA is inaccessible. Upon attempting to reset it with my phone number, it seems that my USA number is missing the (1) in the beginning. Is there any way you or your team can correct that? Thank you much

0 Linda’s avatar

I’m having trouble with the app, it is having trouble rolling. Can you help?

0 Michael Chin’s avatar

User ID 11673745

I was underpaid on a bet yesterday. I had Bayern [email protected] and was paid less.

You did not respond to my email.

Please advise

0 Omid azm’s avatar


0 Michael Chin’s avatar

When are paying out on Sevilla game yesterday? 8/6/2020

0 Curious Onlioker’s avatar

I just went to roll, and the countdown timer still had 10 hours left.

But my accumulated lottery tickets, 70, had been reset to zero.

Shouldn’t tickets continue through those last hours?

Also, and more importantly, by BTC credits within the app did not earn any interest for ~18 months.


0 Curious Onlooker’s avatar

My app no longer loads, nor does the mobile site.

When I come here and try to follow the link to the App Store it now says it’s not available in my region.

Why is that?

What region is it supposed to be now?

Before it worked fine, so what happened.

0 Michael Chin’s avatar

My email was hacked and I no longer have access. How can I change my email address since for authorization you send to my old email for verification?

0 Antonio Camacho’s avatar

Every time I roll it tells me my email is invalid I’ve tried changing it but it does not let me because Of the password.

0 Michael Chin’s avatar

I am still waiting for a betting payout. Getting worried.

User ID 11673745. Please reply at [email protected]

0 Jon Street’s avatar

Hi George,

Love the app, been using it for a few years now.

Sadly on upgrading to the latest iPhone pro, the app has stopped working. I have uninstalled the app but the link above taking me to the App Store does not work and I can not locate the app to redownload. I am from the United Kingdom.

Any help appreciated

0 shijree’s avatar

this app not avaible in your country how can i download this? what region should i change?

0 Rick’s avatar

I’m only getting half of the amount per roll. The people I referred are getting the normal amount is there a way to fix this?

0 Jose’s avatar

I would like to try your app, Im in Spain and it is not available in my región. Can this be solved and how?

0 Christy’s avatar

I’m trying to figure out what email I used when I set up the app

0 baker’s avatar

i don’t get the app in my apple store.

can you help me?

0 Gwyn Thomas’s avatar

Hi, the app has been playing up for me today to the point where when I open it, it just displays loading and doesn’t do anything??? I’ve closed it down completely and reopened it, uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing seems to have helped. Any ideas??

0 edukaris66@gmail.com’s avatar

Hello George,

Hello George, i can’t be able to contact support as there is no where i saw a form to send support.I am here for two reasons. reason No: 1

I found you via stack exchange, where you were explaining how to go about setting up a sub-domain on cloudflare if you dont want the domain itself to be configured there.

So i am reaching out to seek clarification and ask some few questions if that is is okay with you.

I do not want to interfere with my domain hosting and so do not want to change my domain servers to cloudflare. In a situation where i wanted to point my sub-domain to a different ip address from my main domain i was told that could be done with cloud flare. So i want to add my sub-domain on cloudflare and point it to a different Ip address but i dont want to change the hosting of my orginal domain, the name servers or anything on it. Just the subdomain. Where do i start with this on cloudflare? how do i go about it? i tried checking comments of other people but o could not understand that is why i am reaching out. I will appreciate your help.

Q 2: I very much interested in the Bitcoin App and would like help in the development on the App and have it on my own domain and on my own account on IOS but with a different name. Where do we start? Thank you.

0 Evan’s avatar

Hey George,

I lost my 2FA app when upgrading Iphones and I am unable to log into my account. Everytime I try to send the code to my phone number that was set as a back-up recovery option on my account, the verification link that is sent to my email says invalid…Can you please help? I have not been able to access my account in months.

Thanks so much!

0 Lee’s avatar

Hello, I want to change my BTC payout address but it is not letting me do that. The app said I would need to confirm the change in an email but I never got the confirmation email. Any help please?

0 Mike’s avatar

Getting message that the app’s token has expired.

0 Steve’s avatar

App not working anymore

0 FK’s avatar

I have difficulty rolling. I want to verified my E-Mail adress. Support please!

0 Kevin’s avatar

Hi I keep getting an error message whenever I try to do a roll and either the app just freezes or it crashes.

0 Michael Chin’s avatar

I am still waiting for a payout on the Sevilla game from 8/6.

ID 11673745. Please advise.

0 Linda Davis’s avatar

I can’t log in suddenly – it is “authenticating” eternally. What’s going on?

0 Christine’s avatar

Do u have an android version available?

0 Wouter Lourens’s avatar

I have received notice about my account password has been reset. I requested a password reset and it says instructions has been sent to my email. As yet I have not received anything. Please advise.

0 Chris’s avatar

Is there going to be an update anytime soon? The app isn’t working for me anymore, all I’ve seen for the past couple months is pretty much a blank screen and it was working before then.

0 C3’s avatar

I love this app! Is there/will there ever be an Android version of this app?

0 GiP’s avatar

Is there an Android version available?

Many thanks.

0 Chanda’s avatar

How can I sign up

0 Merie’s avatar

Hi! I made a withdraw but it seems my wallet does not accept less than 0.001 and it was less than that. Is there any way to cancel that withdraw or did I lost my bitcoins already? Thanx so much!

0 Sudhi’s avatar

How download this app

0 Will’s avatar

Hello I was trying to roll on my free bitcoin app faucet and it said there’s an issue and to contact you at George Garside/apps/free-bitcoin and it had a message but I cannot upload it. Can you fix it? Thanks in advance!

0 Bessie’s avatar

How do I register for this app

0 Steven’s avatar

How can I download the app? I got a iPhone 5 and I don’t see the app in the App Store

0 Bogdan’s avatar

Hi George, i am trying to roll for entire day, unfortunately the message is : couldn’t roll….an error occurred when attempting….. Please contact georgegarside….

Please, can you repair this….

Thank you in advance.

0 Cameron’s avatar


I’ve got your app on my ipad mini. logged in today to roll, and it just tells me to contact you here. can’t do anything actually. can visit pages like interest earned etc, tells me i’ve earned interest, but not when. need some help. will leave email, please contact me there.

thank you

0 Anna’s avatar

Nice app, but not working for me

Run app, login in my account and see blank screen.

0 Neil McCormick’s avatar

I love the app, but being in the US I cannot get version 3.0. Is there any plan to expand to the US App Store?

0 George’s avatar

I am unable to change my Btc address as I am not reciving the verification email. Please advice

Email registered [email protected]

0 Sudib’s avatar

Hello there,

I am using this apps in my IOS device, and I am jus wondering if this apps is also available in Android as well?? just in case if i happened to change my mind to use Android.


0 Steven Baty’s avatar

Bitcoin is the highest it has been all year. So why are we getting so little per roll? Getting less than half we were getting a month ago

0 TheAwesome98’s avatar

Chill app, friendo. (This is a compliment, btw)