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If you find something useful on here, it's probably an accident.

Calculating the mean or sum of a set of data, or even counting the set of data for use in other formula is easy with Stat mode, available on both types of calculator.

For example, I will calculate the mean and sum of the following set:


  1. Enter \(\text{STAT}\) mode by pressing \(\fbox{MODE}\ \fbox{2}\).
  2. Select \(\text{1-VAR}\) by pressing \(\fbox{1}\).
  3. Enter the values in the set of data, using \(\fbox{=}\) to move down to the next cell. Use \(\color{navy}{\fbox{↑}}\) and \(\color{navy}{\fbox{↓}}\) to move up and down to correct inaccuracies.
  4. Press \(\color{maroon}{\fbox{AC}}\) to exit the data.

The sum of the data is shown using
\(\color{#A80}{\fbox{SHIFT}}\ \fbox{1}\ \fbox{4}\) (\(\text{Sum}\)) \(\fbox{2}\) (\(\sum x\)).

The mean of the data is shown using
\(\color{#A80}{\fbox{SHIFT}}\ \fbox{1}\ \fbox{5}\) (\(\text{Var}\)) \(\fbox{2}\) (\(\overline X\)).

The number of values \(n\) is shown using
\(\color{#A80}{\fbox{SHIFT}}\ \fbox{1}\ \fbox{5}\) (\(\text{Var}\)) \(\fbox{1}\)  (\(n\)).

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