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I’ve been asked a few times regarding what my setup is for my Terminal, mainly from people who’ve seen my terminal in various answers across Stack Exchange. I thought I’d finally write a quick post regarding what my OS X Terminal zsh setup is as well so that you can use it if you wish.

Firstly, I use Terminal, the standard OS X Terminal app. I have tried iTerm 2 on numerous occasions, and I keep going back to Terminal—iTerm 2 is just too buggy and doesn’t fit with OS X standards as far as I want. My shell is zsh, installed and kept up-to-date with Homebrew. Again, not bash, having moved to zsh a long time ago I have no desire to return, and not MacPorts as I simply prefer Homebrew—personal preference very much here.

Oh My Zsh manages my zsh setup configuration and zsh themes, and I have customised my shell with a few custom Oh My Zsh plugins. I used to use a customised version of the agnoster theme as shown in many of my earlier answers on Stack Exchange, but I no longer use this.

Terminal Agnoster Theme

Instead, I now use sorin:

OS X Terminal Sorin Theme

I have a few specific custom plugins for development with Cordova, but not much else has changed. I’ve got a few Homebrew packages installed though, the best of which is probably autojump (shown above) which lets me cd quickly around my zsh setup by allowing it to learn which directories I access most often.

The colour scheme I’m using in Terminal is a customised version of Tomorrow Night, with Menlo Regular for Powerline 11pt and some custom keyboard actions.

I have a custom .screenrc file on my servers that provides a nice toolbar of the screens and some server info which can be very useful when connecting to remote servers, even when I don’t have my entire zsh setup available there.