Simple SEO speed score visualisation.

Use 6 rating parameters to produce your Speed Score the way Google ranks your site.

  • See how your score is calculated.
    Change the score or value directly using the graph and watch the outcome on the individual metric and the overall Speed Score.
  • Improve your SEO.
    Benchmark your site against your competitors.
  • Improve your knowledge.
    Explanations for calculations and equations used.
  • Improve your actions.
    Actionable information for making improvements.

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Does this app benchmark a website on it's own (Ex. I enter a url and it displays the result) or do I have to enter each variable and it calculates the result?


Hi! I just installed your app on my iPhone X. However, it does not work as I do not see any place where I can enter my website’s URL. Where do I enter that??


Hello George

Very nice APP and UI. K bought your APP without reading the description properly and was a bit disappointed that it does nor really checks your Score. It would be awesome if it did and would tell you how to optimize the page.

Now that I went through the description I see that your APP does what it says but is kind of useless in my opinion.

Best regards and keep on developing