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Bypass ‘Safari no longer supports the unsafe extension’ in macOS

macOS 2020-01-26 84

Install any extension blocked by Safari in macOS Mojave using Safari's developer tools from its safariextz file to bypass the error message ‘Safari no longer supports the unsafe extension’.


Add DoubleClick for Publishers to Google Tag Manager

Google 2020-02-15 45

How to use GTM to add your DFP Small Business or Premium ad units and ad tags to pages on your site.


Vector Magic crash in macOS

macOS 2019-06-01 68

Fix Vector Magic Desktop Edition crash when smoothing image in macOS Sierra, due to an updated system dylib incompatible with Vector Magic. It's possible to provide an older version of libBLAS.dylib without modifying macOS for Vector Magic to use, fixing the issue.


Casio Calculator Tutorials

2019-08-01 138

Tutorials for the Casio fx-82ES (standard) and fx-991ES PLUS (silver) calculators. The tutorials provide an introduction to the more advanced features of the calculators. fx-82ES Mean, Sum and Count; fx-991ES PLUS Equation Solve and Quadratic Equation Solve; fx-991EX


Alembicue app icon

, a projectional, productive Dockerfile editor. Write syntactically correct Dockerfiles every time, with a projectional editor ensuring syntax, providing contextual intentions and quick fix bulbquick fixes for best practices.

The lack of a competent integrated development environment for Docker is a detriment to the field of containerisation and cloud computing. This project documents the development of Alembicue, a projectional and productive Docker IDE, implementing a more formally specified language definition, representative of what is necessary to create images for use with a containerisation platform. Alembicue guarantees syntactic correctness with a projectional editor mutating an abstract syntax tree, incorporating contextual intentions and quick fixes to suggest and automatically apply standards and best practices. Alembicue’s launch has been a success, being received well by the community with tens of thousands of interested visitors to the project page, and elated testimonials from those having used the application and the innovative concepts portrayed within.

TDA Planner app icon by George Garside

, a free education homework and planner app for the Thomas Deacon Academy, available on both iOS and Android. This app allows pupils to access their homework assignments set by their teachers on their mobile device, as well as accessing their card data and school announcements such as news and term dates.

This complements the Thomas Deacon Academy VLE, integrating with Microsoft SharePoint, the software that the school uses to manage homework and other student data, to obtain information relevant to the specific student and show this to the student at an appropriate time. The integration with iCloud also allows students to move their information between device without needing to re-enter their data, and also makes use of iCloud storage to store key pairs.

Development began in 2013 with a basic app that included some school information and I have continued development up to today. This required me to work with members of staff in the school across a variety of departments, including the IT department who I needed to work with in order to connect the app to the school servers. This proved very challenging as the school was unwilling to change their security settings to allow my app access. I persisted looking for alternatives and eventually managed to run cross-domain JavaScript inside a school site iframe without changing any code on the school server. The app was a success and is in use by hundreds of students across the school years.

TDA Planner App iOS Screenshot by George Garside
TDA Enrichment app icon by George Garside

, a timetable app for school enrichment for iOS. This was the first app that I made for the school's Sports department, specifically for their sports enrichment to allow students to access the latest enrichment timetable from their mobile device as well as health and fitness information relating to their current physical condition.

The app has been downloaded by both students and staff to complement teaching and learning in the Sports department, as well as providing up-to-date information regarding the current Inter College event being held at the school and how to participate.

TDA Connect app icon by George Garside

is an iPad iOS utility application for connecting an iPad to the TDA RDS network (previously the TDA Citrix network). This app allows you to enter your login information, similar to the TDA VLE, on your iPad and be presented with a full desktop environment in the form of a dashboard which allows you to use all the familiar Windows applications such as the Microsoft Office suite over the network. This solution also allows for multi-touch gestures to be translated into special inputs, such as two finger swipes up and down translated to scrolling the page.
Free Bitcoin app icon by George Garside

an iPhone and iPad (iOS) finance app for accessing the faucet. The app allows you to obtain a small amount of free Bitcoin from the faucet on a regular basis, determined by a random number generator. The app also includes a raffle lottery system whereby users can win bonus Bitcoin from the Bitcoin that they win through the faucet.