Damage per Shot vs Damage per Second

Did you know that the damage output of a defence building can be calculated in different ways?

In Boom Beach, the main metric for calculating damage is by “damage per second”. However, if you tap on the little fire icon over any weapon’s information screen, you'll see additional information described as “damage per shot”. In some cases, the damage per shot can explain what happened to your Troops. For example, the Boom Cannon can destroy a Heavy with only one or two shots due to its damage per shot (depending on the level of the Boom Cannon and the Heavy of course). The Boom Cannon doesn’t shoot every second, but it has a high damage per shot!

All you need to know about the Submarine

Want to explore the Deep Sea, and discover sunken treasures? Unlock The Submarine for fortune and glory.

The Submarine is available from Headquarters level 9, and can be found in the "Support" section in your shop. Use this versatile submersible to discover resources beneath the waters’ surface. After you have reached Radar level 7, you’ll be able to search dive locations on your map to send the Submarine on missions. Dive locations are marked with little yellow buoys.

These locations appear randomly on your map, or can be found by exploring new areas along the archipelago. Each dive location will give you several diving targets to choose from. Pick your targets carefully, as you cannot retrieve all the treasures from one location! What will your troops bring back to base? Diamonds? Resources? Power Stones? You be the judge. The further away you go from your home base, the deeper the dive spots will be. Upgrade your submarine to get those deep dives that yield greater rewards!

We wish you a successful hunt, Commander!

I can't find Dive locations!

Having a hard time finding dive locations? Don't worry, with a few easy steps you’ll be exploring for sunken treasures in no time. Just make sure that:

  • You have at least a level 7 Radar
  • You have explored all areas available so far at that Radar level
  • Dive locations are marked with little yellow buoys. Every dive location has a finite number of dives available, and once these are used up, the location will disappear. E.g. if a dive spot has 4 treasures but only 3 dives, the dive location disappears after the third dive has been used!

You should also keep in mind that

  • New dive locations won't spawn if you already have more than two available, but you might find more by exploring new areas on the map
  • The fewer dive locations you have, the greater your chances of one re-spawning; having zero gives you the greatest chances overall
  • Dive locations can take several days or even weeks to re-spawn

Roger? Good luck Commander!

All you need to know about invasions

In order to keep you busy, the game sends you new opponents in regular intervals. There are two kinds of opponents:
Other players - known as Blackguard Mercenaries or PvP
Computer controlled opponents - known as Blackguard or NPC

Each Radar level has a so called invasion cap. This means that if you have gathered a certain amount of opponents (NPC & PvP) in your archipelago, the game will not send new opponents.
Here is how the cap scales for each Radar level (Radar Level → Invasion Cap):
1 → 2, 2 → 5, 3 → 7, 4 → 9, 5 → 11, 6 → 13, 7 → 15, 8 → 17, 9 → 19, 10 → 21, 11 → 23, 12 → 24, 13 → 26, 14 → 27, 15 → 28, 16 → 30, 17 → 31, 18 → 32, 19 → 33, 20 → 34

Some more facts worth knowing:

  • The cap includes: PvP & NPC bases
  • The cap doesn't include: Resource Bases, Lt. Hammerman's bases & Dr. Terror
  • Every 19 minutes the game "rolls the dice" to see if you'll get a new opponent
  • With each failed invasion, the system cumulatively increases your chances of new invasions, which improves your odds.
  • Your % chance of a new opponent is highest when your map is free of PvP and NPC bases
  • With each new opponent the chance goes down a little bit (reaching 0% at the cap)
  • If you have mainly NPC bases on your map, you’re more likely to receive a PvP invasion and vice versa.
  • Therefore, being active and destroying bases will keep your invasion chance higher
  • Also note: your Radar Info screen will display information regarding the chances of new invasions.

Resume the Boom, Commander!

Why do I only get 50% of my resources back when I cancel an upgrade?

The reduction is made to prevent “banking”. If one were able to cancel an upgrade after a week, getting all the wood, stone and iron back, then those resources (which could be in the millions) would have remained completely hidden from opponents during that period of time. With this technique, players could keep loot from invaders for as long as they want without any consequence, simply getting the resources back whenever they need them. That's why only half of an upgrade's cost is returned if you cancel.

If you use diamonds for an upgrade, they are immediately converted into the required resource type (wood/stone/iron) to start the upgrade. Because resources can't be turned back into diamonds also the refund will be paid in resources. We’ve added layers of confirmation to ensure that when a player makes an upgrade, they are asked again if they are sure it’s what they want. The same goes for when you cancel an upgrade.

About the War Hero achievement

The War Hero achievement is high score based, meaning it’s about reaching 200 Victory Points and not your total accrued points.

The progress bar on the achievement screen shows all Victory Points accumulated since you began playing. The Victory Point count in the achievement won't decrease if you lose any battles, and will only increase once you've beaten your old high score. In other words, if you make sure to win more Victory Points than you’ve lost, you'll get there!

Currently Ruled Out Ideas

We're super grateful for your amazing suggestions on how to make Boom Beach an even better game. However, some ideas that kept coming up have already been discussed and ruled out by the team for the time being. We put together a list of these for the sake of clarity, here they are:

More builders: Boom's build times were designed and balanced around the single builder mechanic. Adding more builders would upset the game's delicate balance and would not, in fact, equate to more fun. Additionally, Boom's longest building upgrade time is only 2 days, 12 hours!

Builder queuing: This would effectively create a second Vault, as it would allow resources to be safely hidden in the build queue. It would also encourage a more passive playstyle - a way of playing the game without playing the game!

Walls: Barbed wire walls were played around with a lot during development and they just didn't work well with the troop AI. They ended up being frustrating to play against and too easy to create beachhead bottlenecks with. Additionally, walls that slow troops instead of directly stopping or blocking them were tested and didn't feel like a fun gameplay mechanic.

Decorative items: There are two options with non-gameplay affecting decorative items. 1) Turn on no-clip and allow troops to pass through them - this would look weird and undesirable. 2) Turn on collision and make troops move around them - this would affect gameplay and is open to abuse. Neither of these options work for the Boom team.

National flags: Every player controlled enemy base you come across is a Blackguard base in game terms, so we think adding National flags would break the immersion and feel strange to fight against.

Resource donating/trading: This would probably only benefit players who want to boost their lower level friends, seeing as players of equal level are generally missing the same resource. Therefore it would add an undesirable and potentially abusable element to the game.

Exchange building: There's no alchemy in this game 😉

Revenge: This would potentially discourage players from attacking higher level opponents, as they could chose to only revenge weaker players.

Aerial mechanics: Boom's entire attack and defence system is balanced around being able to attack from only one direction - the beach. Aerial units would bypass this and bring a whole world of counterplay to deal with! Ultimately, they just go against the grain of Boom's design.

Clan castles: Clash's clan castle system creates a dependency on clan castle troops to compete at the top. This is something the Boom team didn't want to have in their game.

Hidden mines: This was considered during development, but decided against because of the ability to scout, attack and retreat as many times as you like. A player could potentially keep testing an opponent's base to find out where all their mines were before properly committing to an attack, which didn't sounds like a fun gameplay mechanic to encourage!

Day/night cycles: Done properly, this would have different gameplay mechanics depending on the time of day, and to do this, it would have needed to be included in development at an earlier stage.

Shields: Boom populates your Map for you and you don't have much control over this - apart from a little bit with "Find new opponent". It would be quite frustrating to have players on your Map that you couldn't attack or switch out! (Aside from them being online, which is more easily understandable.)

Multiple Flares: This was tested during development and the team decided they didn't like the extra layers of complexity it added to the battle system.

VPs for defence: Generating VPs out of thin air will artificially pump more VPs into the system than should be there, which can spoil the matchmaking balance and also make it more open to abuse. The other option is to take a VP from the attacker for failing, but this has the negative side effect of deterring some people from attacking, which is something the team are not fond of introducing either.

Matchmaking based on XP or HQ level: If this was the case, upgrading your base would have the distinct downside in making your game harder. This could discourage base progression and potentially lead to the situation of finding an XP/HQ sweet-spot to stay at indefinitely, or until you reached #1 in the world! The Boom team don't want there to be any downsides to base progression, so that every time it's an option, you want to take it.

How do I attack other players?

In Boom Beach you can only attack islands visible on the map. There is no "search for opponent" function. Player Opponents, referred to as Blackguard mercenaries in the game, are found when exploring the map (and as invasions on your base). Matches are found by comparing your, and your opponents Victory Points. This should match you up evenly with other Commanders in the archipelago. Victory points are gained by defeating other bases in battle.

Upon freeing islands, the local natives will send you gold to show their gratitude. Whenever you free an island, be aware that the evil forces will try retaking it, so you might have to send in your troops again. The Blackguard is persistent after all (and stylish, I might add). Once you have freed all the islands on your map, you can either wait for the Blackguard to strike back, or upgrade your radar to explore more of the archipelago. Attacking another player will cost you gold, the cost increasing whenever you level up.

I cleared my map - now what?

Great job Commander! Freeing all those islanders is no piece of cake. Your troops deserve a break to celebrate this awesome victory. But beware, Lt. hammer an and his evil folks. Ever sleep and will surely try to re-conquer the islands you so courageously freed. It might take a while but over time you will find that your territory has been invaded once again. Make sure your troops are well rested… so you can send them back into battle.

How is loot calculated?

Loot is essential to progress in the game and develop your base further! Hence it's hard fought over.

Loot calculations when you're the attacker

  • When you attach another player, the loot you get depends on the amount of unprotected resources a player has in his base when you scout his base for the first time
  • The loot available in an enemy base does not change after initial scouting, even if you wait for hours or days
  • If a player has very few or no resources in their base at the moment of scouting, you still get a minimum loot calculated by the server which depends on your and your opponent's XP level

Loot calculations when you're being attacked

  • When you are being attacked, the resources you lose depend on the amount of unprotected resources you have in your base at the moment when you are being attacked
  • This means that the resources you lose and the loot the attacker gains may not be the same

What does unprotected mean? How does the Vault work?

  • The Vault protects all resources contained within it as well as an additional percentage of resources outside of the Vault (the percentage depends on the level of the Vault). Everything else can be looted at any time.
  • Exception: resources from the Natives' boats cannot be looted. However, they have a maximum capacity, so make sure to collect them regularly.

Roger that, Commander?

What is Gold used for?

Uses for gold depend on your level in the game. At the beginning, you'll need it to train troops, explore more areas on the map and, last but not least, to attack the Blackguard. Later on, you'll use Gold to upgrade your troops, your mines, and gunboat abilities in the Armoury. Additionally, once you've unlocked your Submarine, you can use gold to send it on missions to recover sunken treasures.

How do Resource bases work?

Once you've upgraded your Radar and started exploring new areas in the archipelago, you'll come across some Resource Bases. In order to receive the resources these outposts produce, you must first win them in battle. But beware! After they've been conquered, the original owner or another player can take over in subsequent attacks. The fight over a Resource base can go back and forth for quite a while. Every time one of these islands changes owners, its buildings are upgraded and/or new defensive buildings are built automatically (you cannot make changes yourself). Note though that the production rate of the Resource base will always remain the same. After a few days of fighting, you'll be given the "Find a new opponent" option which allows you to find a new Resource Base with a different opponent.

How do I train troops?

To train troops, tap on a Landing Craft, then select the add troops button and then choose "Reinforce". Choose the type of troop you wish to train, or reinforce your depleted squad. Training time depends on the troop (e.g. Heavies take longer than Riflemen). You can also reinforce all your landing crafts at once by tapping on the grey square troop icon on the right side of the screen.

If you need to change troops, tap on a landing craft, then select the add troops button and then choose "Change troops". Your current troops' cost will be refunded. In order to make your troops stronger, you'll need to visit the Armoury to upgrade their equipment.

Facts about Landing Crafts

Commander! Here are some useful facts about Landing Crafts!

  • You can only have one type of troop per Landing Craft
  • If you change troops, your current troops' cost will be refunded
  • You get more Landing Crafts by upgrading your Headquarters
  • The number on the back of the Landing Craft tells you its current housing space
  • Upgrading your Landing Craft will increase its housing space, meaning the amount of troops it can hold

How can I control my troops in battle?

You have two ways of controlling your troops: through the placement of your Landing Craft and with the Flare.

  1. When you tap on the shore to send in your Landing Craft, the area you tap will be marked with a flag. When your troops leave the landing craft, they will move to that flag and then go for the nearest target.
  2. The Flare is a gunboat ability, which unlocks when you upgrade your Headquarters for the first time. If you fire a Flare, all troops will move towards the Flare while it burns, or attach a building marked by it!

It is important to know that the Flare overrules the flag. If you fire a Flare before your troops have reached the flag on the shore, they will forget about the flag and more towards the Flare in the shortest possible way, which might lead them straight through a minefield. So timing is everything!

How does the Gunboat work?

The Gunboat is one of your most important assets in battle. It provides fire support and battlefield supplies to your troops. Depending on its level it offers you several different weaponry items: Artillery, Flare, Medkit, Shock Bomb, Barrage and Smoke Screen.

  • Your Artillery helps you to take out some defence turrets before sending in your troops. You can check from your Armoury how much damage your Artillery does. Special tip: when buildings are placed close together you can damage them all with one shot by firing the Artillery right in between the buildings.
  • Your Flare helps you to guide your troops in battle.
  • The Medkit will heal your troops. Make sure you throw it right at them.
  • The Shock Bomb will stun buildings so you can for example disable defence buildings while approaching it with your troops.
  • The Barrage shoots several shots at once but isn't very accurate at targeting.
  • The Smoke Screen makes your troops invisible to defence buildings.

Your Gunboat has a certain amount of firing power which you can find by tapping its little info button. Whenever you fire a weaponry your firing power decreases. How much firing power each item uses is marked within the little icon of the designated item. Keep in mind that for each building you destroy you gain 3 firing power points, so you need to think strategically! Last but not least you can upgrade your Gunboat weaponry in the Armoury while upgrading your Gunboat will increase its firing power.

How do I move my buildings?

Tap and hold buildings to move them around. This will work on either your home, or resource bases.

How do I get more Experience Points (XP)?

You can earn Experience Points by upgrading your buildings or troops in the Armoury, or with new construction. Tap on the blue circle in the upper left corner of your screen to see how many Experience Points you have, and how many you need to reach the next level.

How does matchmaking work?

Boom Beach gives you two kinds of opponents: other players (referred to as Blackguard mercenaries or "PvP") and AI opponents (referred to as Blackguards or "NPC").

The player opponent matchmaking system is based on your amount of Victory Points. Opponents are selected by pairing you with players who have a similar amount of these points. Headquarters, and experience levels have no connection to matchmaking.

On the other hand, Computer-controlled islands only become more difficult as you beat them. However, they also become quite a bit more rewarding (in more ways than one).

Also note, that there is a cap on the amount of opponents you can have in your Archipelago. The cap is reliant to your Radar level. Should you reach the cap, you will have to take out some of the existing opponents before the game will send you any new ones.

If you have mainly NPC bases on your map, you're more likely to receive a PvP invasion and vice versa.


The Sculptor unlocks at Headquarter Level 5, and allows you to build powerful Statues to help with your war effort. To create these Statues, you must have Power Stones, which are found in enemy buildings and/or Headquarters.

Power Stones come in three sizes: Fragments, Shards and Crystals.

  • Fragments make Idols
  • Shards make Guardians
  • Crystals Make Masterpieces

Masterpieces are the most powerful of the statues, making Crystals the rarest Power Stone. Statues have a variety of different Powers, like increasing your troops' health, improving defence performance, boosting your resource production and so on. The Sculptor not only builds Statues, but also allows you to trade Power Stones by letting you reclaim a Statue; it will give you a more powerful stone in return.

  • Reclaiming an Idol will give you a Shard
  • Reclaiming a Guardian will give you a Crystal
  • Reclaiming a Masterpiece will give you Power Powder

A statue's power is decided randomly upon its creation and cannot be influenced. If you'd like different Statues, keep building and reclaiming until you receive the stats you're looking for. Upgrade the Sculptor to deploy more Statues. Remember, you can have several Idols or Guardians with the same power, which will cause their powers to accumulate. However, you can have only one Masterpiece of the same type! Upgrading the Sculptor also gives you Power Powder. Bonus Tip: In order not to lose Power Stones from defeating Lt. Hammerman, be sure to build your Sculptor before attacking him.

Where can I get Power Stones?

There are three types of Power Stones (Fragments, Shards and Crystals), which can be found under four different categories (Life, Ice, Magma and Dark). These Power Stones will allow you to build three kinds of statues: Idols, Guardians, and Masterpieces, each possessing varying types of power.

Life (green), Ice (blue) and Magma (red) Power Stones can be found here:

  • When attacking islands in your archipelago (Ice can be found mainly in the North and Magma in the South)
  • As a Victory Point reward as soon as you reach 25 Victory Points
  • When recovering underwater treasures with your Submarine (Headquarter level 9 needed)

Dark (purple) Power Stones can be found here:

  • When attacking Dr. Terror's islands

More about Power Stones

Good to know:

  • You can only have a certain amount of Statues at a time depending on the level of your Sculptor.
  • Having multiple statues of the same type will allow their powers to accumulate.
  • Because Masterpieces are so powerful you cannot have two Masterpieces of the same kind at the same time.
  • You can reclaim a statue to exchange it with another one. Just tap on the statue you wish to reclaim and choose the shovel icon. After the statue is destroyed, you will receive one Power Stone in return; the type of Power Stone you receive depends on the category of statue you are reclaiming.

Power Stones are magical, mystical and valuable assets to your base. Gathering these mysterious stones will surely lead to immense island power and fortune!

Gain Power Stones:

  • When attacking islands throughout the archipelago
  • As a reward after you’ve reached 25 Victory Points
  • When recovering underwater treasures with your Submarine (Headquarter level 9 needed)
  • By reclaiming Statues, you will get a more powerful Power Stone in return.
  • Reclaim an Idol to receive a Shard
  • Reclaim a Guardian to receive a Crystal
  • Reclaim a Masterpiece to gain Power Powder
  • This way you can turn your smaller Power Stones into more valuable ones!

To increase your chances of finding more Power Stones, create a “Power Stone Chance” statue. These are built using Dark Power Stones, found only The Island of Dr. Terror.

Power Stone Probabilities

A Power Stone Chance Statue is made of dark Power Stones. It increases your chances of finding Power Stones on opposing islands.

There’s a chance that you will find Power Stones any time you attack an island. Fragments are the most common stone you will find, Shards are a bit more rare, and Crystals are the most uncommon. Your chance of finding Power Stones in an opponent’s Headquarters are 25%, and 2% for all other buildings. The chances do not accumulate; as they are calculated separately for each building.

Having a Power Stone Chance Statue will increase your chances, however it makes no guarantees. For example: if you have a +100% Power Stone Chance Statue, your chances rise to 50% and 4% (instead of 25% and 2%). Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman’s islands will give you a predefined number of Power Stones - this predefined amount is not affected by the Power Stone Chance Statue. But like with any other island you can also find Power Stones on Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman's islands by chance and those will be affected by the Statue.

What is Power Powder?

Power Powder is used to boost your Statues which you can create with the Sculptor.

Upgrading your Sculptor will give you one Power Powder.
Reclaiming a Masterpiece will give you seven Power Powder.

The duration of the boost depends on the type of statue selected:

  • Boost of Resource Production Statues (made from green Power Stones) lasts for 3 days
  • Boost of Building Health or Building Damage Statues (made from blue Power Stones) lasts for 10 hours
  • Boost of Troop Health or Troop Damage Statues (made from red Power Stones) lasts for 3 hours
  • Boost of Gunboat Energy, Resource Reward and Power Stone Chance Statues (made from purple Power Stones) lasts for 3 hours

Who is Dr. Terror?

Dr. Terror is the brains behind the Blackguard Artifact Weaponisation Project. Most of his time is occupied with conducting evil experiments and taking scenic walks on the beach; but he also enjoys invading the archipelago to terrorise innocent islanders. Nobody really knows where and when Dr. Terror will strike. I guess that's why he so terrifying.

Have you successfully defeated Lt. Hammerman's Headquarters? The Blackguard will send Dr. Terror after you. Look busy.

Dr. Terror's bases are the only places where you can find Dark Power Stones (here, you'll also find large stockpiles of resources). Defeating Dr. Terror does not give you Victory Points. Dr. Terror is incredibly persistent! Destroying his base will only make him come back stronger, angrier, better equipped, and more stocked with loot.

How do I add friends?

If you are playing on an iOS device, you can add people to your friends list by connecting to Facebook and/or by connecting to Game Center. Any Facebook or Game Center friends playing Boom Beach will appear in the list.

If you are playing on an Android device, you can add people to your friends list by connecting to Facebook. Any Facebook friends playing Boom Beach will appear in the list.

Can I delete my base and start a new game?

Commander! Don't leave your troops behind! There's no option to restart the game but try re-arranging your base if you are being attacked a lot or try exploring more areas to find new opponents. Have you given the Task Force a chance? It unlocks at Headquarter level 6. Also note: You can start a new game on any new device, where Boom Beach has not been played on previously.

Boom Beach Gameplay Tips

These tips are shown on the loading screen of Boom Beach.

  1. You need gold to train troops, to explore the archipelago and for Armoury upgrades.
  2. Wood, Stone and Iron are valuable building materials. Conquer resource bases and destroy enemies to get more!
  3. Resource bases produce building materials which are transported by cargo ships to your home island.
  4. Explore the archipelago to discover more islands, resource bases and enemies to destroy!
  5. You can unlock more regions for exploration by upgrading your Radar.
  6. Residences on your island produce gold. Freed villages also send you gold as thanks!
  7. Earn Victory Points by destroying enemies and taking over resource bases!
  8. You will earn Diamonds when your defences in your home base destroy enough enemy units!
  9. Each statue is a work of art, and its powers are impossible to predict in advance.
  10. Mystical crystals stolen by the Blackguard are kept in their base buildings. Destroy enemy buildings to find them!
  11. Every time a resource base is conquered, its defences get automatically upgraded.
  12. You can't upgrade the buildings in a resource base.
  13. Support your troops to minimise casualties!
  14. If a fight looks unwinnable, retreat to save your remaining troops!
  15. Destroy the enemy Headquarters to win a battle!
  16. Destroying enemy base buildings damages the enemy Headquarters, making it easier to finish off.
  17. Each landing craft can only hold one troop type at a time.
  18. When you change to a different troop type in a landing craft, the cost of the current troops will be refunded.
  19. The Vault keeps some of your resources safe, even if an enemy manages to destroy your Headquarters.
  20. Upgrade the Vault to keep more of your resources untouchable by enemies!
  21. To find new bases to attack, you can either explore more of the map or wait for enemy invasions.
  22. The more free villages you have on your map, the more often you'll get enemy invasions on them.
  23. You can freely move defensive and production buildings on resource bases.
  24. Destroying a Boss enemy's base will give you lots of resources and Mystical Crystals!
  25. Riflemen are a cost-effective all-around unit.
  26. Use Riflemen to overwhelm Cannons, whose slow rate of fire can't keep up with the swarming Rifles.
  27. The Heavy can soak up lots of damage. Make sure he's closest to turrets so that they target him.
  28. Zookas can deal out massive damage, but they're very vulnerable to enemy fire.
  29. Don't send Zookas into battle alone! Make sure they're safely behind Heavies.
  30. The Warriors' speed allows them to run through light defences and destroy key targets behind them.
  31. The Tank is powerful and versatile, but vulnerable to Cannon fire. Try using Heavies or Riflemen to support it.
  32. The Sniper in the Sniper Tower is accurate and deadly, but his slow rate of fire means the tower can be swarmed.
  33. The Machine Gun sprays bullets everywhere, making it good against large numbers but somewhat unpredictable.
  34. Place Mortars behind your other defences and buildings.
  35. A crowd of enemies shooting at one of your buildings is a perfect target for the Mortar!
  36. Flamethrowers are perfect for stopping massed enemy infantry charges.
  37. Flamethrowers set enemies on fire. They burn for 5 seconds, causing additional damage.
  38. Cannons deal massive damage, especially to Tanks.
  39. Cannons' low firing speed means that they're ineffective against groups of infantry.
  40. The Rocket Launcher has an extremely long range. Make sure it gets to fire as many salvos as possible!
  41. The Boom Cannon is deadly against Tanks. Protect it from enemy infantry with MGs and Flamethrowers!
  42. Upgrade your Residences to increase Gold production!
  43. Upgrade your Sawmill to increase Wood production!
  44. Upgrade your Quarry to increase Stone production!
  45. Upgrade your Iron Mine to increase Iron production!
  46. Check out Enemy Activity in the Map screen to find and watch Replays of enemy attacks!
  47. Complete Achievements to get Diamond rewards!
  48. Use Gunboat Artillery to damage or destroy enemy buildings.
  49. If enemy buildings are clumped tightly together, one Artillery hit in the middle can damage or destroy multiple structures!
  50. The Flare can be used to direct your troops on the battlefield.
  51. All troops will move towards the Flare while it burns, or attack a building marked by it!
  52. Heal your troops on the battlefield with the Medkit.
  53. Your troops inside the Medkit's area of effect will recover health.
  54. The Shock Bomb freezes anything it hits for a short time. Use it to disable key defensive buildings.
  55. If the Shock Bomb hits your own troops, they will be stunned as well!
  56. The Gunboat Barrage fires a number of shells at a target area in a quick succession, causing major damage.
  57. Be careful when firing Gunboat Artillery or Barrage, as the exploding shells can hurt your own troops!
  58. Upgrade your Troops, Mines and Gunboat weapons in the Armoury.
  59. Defensive turrets are disabled while you're upgrading them.
  60. The Residences, Sawmill, Quarry and Iron Mine don't produce resources while you're upgrading them.
  61. The Armoury can't start new troop or weapon upgrades while it's under construction.
  62. Resource storages, the vault, gunboat and your HQ function normally while being upgraded.
  63. You can still launch a Landing Craft while it's being upgraded, but you can't load new troops in it.
  64. You can use your Gunboat normally even while it's being upgraded.
  65. Don't forget to use your Gunboat's weapons and support abilities during combat. They can turn the tide!
  66. A green arrow sign next to a building tells you when you can afford to upgrade it.
  67. There is a small chance that destroying a Blackguard base gives you an extra Victory Point!
  68. You can harvest trees that grow on your resource bases.
  69. Resource boats have a maximum capacity, and can't collect more resources when full.
  70. The amount of resources you can capture from a player base won't change while it's on your map.

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I see this game going no further. You the game management are tap out on boom beach. I give war ship a year or so and people will be board with it like I'm board with the regular game boom beach. Read your why you won't do this or that in boom beach. Real war is with not see land mines Bonaire is part of war to. Planes also. There's always a way you are choosing not to.your trading post is useless have the time. 3 day of a sub sitting docked. Plus when maxed out on resources and no where to spend it and making your self a bigger target with all my resources just making everyone else richer.theres some small thing that take no time to create to make thing more enjoyable. Made my decision to leave boom beach at end of warship after I max out the end.plus don't have 3 to 4 hours to play each day after I get hit 35 to 45 time a day when I clear my map. It's ridicules. Your guys math on that is way to high. But it your game do what you will. Read a lot of blogs this weekend fine a lot of people believe like I do. There's chatter on your side saying we just don't know how to play. Been with boom beach a long time know how to play. Well good luck on your game. Ps. Reason for not giving any ideas have already plus you guys should no how to improve your game in little ways just not in big ways.plus some of the changes you did the old way was better. Well of to explore new game to to replace this one. So have a good day . Mr.vonstiener


I have run out of opponents on my map. I've also upgraded everything is this all there is to this stupid game


So, ive been playing for a while, and i notice that a dark silloute is underwater next to the closest largest island next to my base going north, and it surfaces in 1 day 20 hrs, is it a blackguard base/ Dr. T crab? Its my 1st encounter of it's kind


My son is part of my task force and i can visit his base lvl 32 BUT he never saved it to game center. He opened game center and somehow has a lvl 1 base ( he's 9 and my wife helped him mess up). Can he delete this low lvl version and somehow log into his previous high lvl base on the boom beach servers?


without save i think is hard to take it back...you have to connected with facebook or Google+ for safety..better contact support for more info..i think you can take the base back