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I won the battle but all my troops are gone

This can happen when you lose connection to the game servers mid-battle. Your battle had started, but before you had deployed all troops your connection was lost. In order to avoid that the game reloads at every small hiccup there is a short buffer period. This means when the connection is lost, your device has several seconds time to reconnect to our servers during which you can still command actions. If your device reconnects, all is good. If it doesn’t, the game will prompt you to reload.

Due to this delay, the outcome you see on your screen and the outcome you see after reloading the game (click the "return" button) can be completely different. The game servers will only have registered the troops you deployed before losing connection and will play the battle to an end without your lead. Depending on the difficulty of your opponent this probably leads to a defeat. Most, if not all, Commanders have experienced this at least once, and we know how frustrating it can be.

Before starting an important attack, hook up with a solid wifi network, or at least a solid 3G/4G connection with a reliable carrier. Full wifi bars or coverage alone is not always enough to guarantee a solid connection, because local networks can slow down and get overburdened at times. This is especially true if you play in a moving vehicle or on underground public transport.

What happened to my upgrade?

If one of your upgrades didn't finish properly, you most likely lost connection during the construction process.

Based on your internet speed, the lost connection warning may take up to a few minutes to show up in the game. As a result, you may be able to start upgrades or other actions despite the connection to the server already being lost. Once the game reloads those actions will not have been registered by the server. Please note that notifications about finished upgrades are sent from your device, not the server. So you might even get a notification about your upgrade being finished even though in reality it never even started.

Be assured, any resources spent on buildings or troop upgrades will still be there post disconnection (as long as you haven’t used them or lost them to another player).

Losing connection to our servers can happen for a variety of reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to: poor internet connection, server hiccups, ISP issues and/or device performance.

Can I listen to my own music whilst playing?

To listen to your own music while playing Boom Beach, please follow these steps:

  1. Shut off Boom Beach's in-game music from the settings menu
  2. Double-tap your Home button to see all open applications running in the background
  3. Locate Boom Beach and close the application
  4. Run your own music (important: Boom Beach MUST be closed in the background)
  5. Re-open Boom Beach

Enjoy the game while listening to your own music

My sound effects are gone

If you’re having trouble with sound effects in the game, double-check that the in-game sound effects setting is set to ‘on’. If it is, fully close out of the game and restart it. To do this, double tap the 'Home' (square) button to see all the apps running in the background, then swipe each app window upwards to close it.

If this doesn’t help, please try these:

  • Check that you have sounds in other apps
  • Try plugging and unplugging the earphones
  • Make sure that the mute switch is not on

Why have I been attacked whilst I was online?

Normally when you're online, your home and resource bases cannot be attacked. However, to prevent players from staying online 24/7 (to avoid ever being attacked), we allow other players to attack you even if you're online, if you've been online for several hours during one day. We will notify you before this goes into effect. After the grace period, an enemy attack can interrupt your game at any time, the only exception being when you start an attack on another player.

Android System Requirements

To play Boom Beach on Android, you need a device that meets at least the following specifications:

  • 0.5 GB of RAM (1GB or more recommended)
  • Android OS 4.0.3 or better
  • A screen resolution of 800x480

We cannot guarantee these specifications alone will be enough to run the game. Devices are made for specific purposes, and not all lend themselves well for gaming. Also, the game may be unstable if your phone has a modified OS or a custom ROM.

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