These sites and apps are created and run by George Garside.

I’m an indie developer, I don’t want to know about you, but I want to improve what I make. I collect information not linked to you to improve the products I produce, such as analytics on number of page visits over time.

Information is collected through the use of these sites and your use of these sites is acknowledgement and acceptance of this. If you do not wish any data to be collected about you, refrain from using these sites. You may request any personally-identifiable information of yourself be removed from this site’s data storage by contacting me.

General information collected

  • IP address, browser type/configuration and other non-personally-identifiable information.
    Used to monitor and improve functionality (browser optimisation) and usefulness (localisation) of the site.
    Collection is carried out with Google Analytics and GoSquared, both of which have their own privacy policy which you can read for more information. This information is not distributed with any others.
  • Other information is collected per Google AdSense, on pages which contain AdSense ads. I have no control over this data—see Google AdSense privacy policy for more information.
  • In any George Garside apps, iTunes Analytics is in effect. See iTunes Analytics privacy policy for more information.

Identifiable information collected

  • Should the user authenticate with /thomasdeaconacademy, the user’s username is recorded.
    No information is correlated with this action (e.g. IP address).
  • In Free Bitcoin, the username and password given are not collected by the app and sent directly to the account management service. I collect unassociated statistics on number of rolls over time and account balances.