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TDA ePortal Login

System Unavailable

Thomas Deacon Academy ePortal is unavailable as of 2015-2016 academic year. The ePortal system was replaced by SIMS, which currently cannot be accessed outside of the school network. You can log in to TDA SIMS using TDA Connect.

About TDA ePortal Login

The Thomas Deacon Academy ePortal will allow you to view your timetable, attendance and other school records. Access your student details as recorded on the system, including address and emergency contact information, as well as reports and events. Staff have the ability to access student information and complete attendance registers which will appear on the TDA Student ePORTAL and be accessable by parent login.

Pupil Details shows all the information related to the student such as class groups and contact information for parents/carers. All the information can be reviewed to make sure that it is up-to-date. If there are any problems with the information, contact the home college of the student.

All progress Reports are shown on ePortal. Progress reports show…

  • target grade — the level of achievement the student should reach at the end of the Key Stage)
  • current performance — level the student is currently working at
  • performance status — whether the student is on track to achieve the expected target

The student's Timetable is shown in ePortal, including start/end time, location and teacher. The current day is shown in the homepage bitlet with the full timetable accessible from the More link.

Attendance is shown in a pie chart, representing present/absent marks, as well as late marks. Full details are available below showing the time and date of any non-present marks assigned.

Positive and Negative Events are behavioural/achievement events given to students by staff to keep a record of the student's performance throughout school. Exclusions are also shown for the student.

Access to the Thomas Deacon Academy is subject to the Thomas Deacon Academy's ICT Code of Conduct.

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