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Task Force Basics

You can create your own Task Force or join an existing one after reaching HQ level 6. Task Forces come in four sizes, at: 5, 10, 25 and 50 members. You can upgrade the size later on, but you can not downgrade. There is a separate leaderboard for each Task Force size. The Task Force creator is always the leader, and only s/he can promote members to officers. Leaders and officers can kick other players out of the Task Force – so be smart about who you promote! When a player gets kicked from a Task Force, he can not send a new join request for 24 hours. If the leader leaves the Task Force and he does not appoint another player as leader, the leadership goes to the officer who has been in the Task Force the longest. If you join a Task Force with an ongoing Operation, you can not take part in that current Operation. You’ll have to wait for the next one. If you leave a Task Force at any point during an Operation, you won’t receive the OP reward, even if you re-join before the Operation finishes.

Operations and Intel

Only leaders and officers can start Operations. In order to start an Operation, you must collect enough pieces of Intel first. Gather Intel by battling other islands along the Archipelago or by successfully defending your home base. The cost of Intel depends on your Task Force size. Your Task Force will keep any Intel you gather, even if/when you leave.

Destroying power bases

After you start an Operation, you’ll see multiple Power Bases. Each building destroyed gives you one Force Point. Your primary target is the Power Core – destroying this triggers a chain reaction that will destroy the whole base and give you all available Force Points. Leaders and Officers can Sabotage certain buildings with intel. Watch Task Force members launch their attacks in real-time with the spectator mode!


After the 24hour operation period ends, you will receive a reward brought to you by boat and the gained Task Force Points will be added to your Task Force score. If you leave the Task Force before the 24h period is over you won’t get a reward. You can collect the reward until the next operation is about to end – after that it will be replaced with the new reward.

After each operation your Task Force will receive a reward, players can choose between resources or diamonds. The more difficult the Operation and the more Force Points your Task Force achieves in an operation, the higher the reward will be.

Every player, who was in the Task Force at the time when the operation was started and is still in the Task Force when it ended, will receive a reward. Exception: If you leave a Task Force at any point during an Operation, you won’t receive the OP reward, even if you re-join before the Operation finishes!

In order to make the reward more meaningful for each player, it is scaled according to the player’s XP level. This means players with a higher XP level will receive more, since they also e.g. spent more gold to get Intel for the Task Force.

The OP reward will be brought to your home base by boat and the Task Force points you gained will be added to your Task Force Command, after the 24 hour operation time has run out. You have time to collect the reward until the next operation ends. Then it will be replaced with the new reward.

What is a Task Force?

Being in a Task Force allows you to carry out co-operative operations against the Blackguard. Task Forces unlock at Headquarter Level 6. You can either create your own Task Force or join an existing one.

Task Forces come in 4 different sizes, at: 5, 10, 25 and 50 members. When creating a Task Force, you must choose a size to start with. But don’t worry, you can always upgrade to fit more members later on. Keep in mind, you can only create one Task Force per week.
Note: you can change the description of your Task Force later on, but NOT its name. So choose wisely.

You can create and edit your own Task Force badge in the edit screen.
A Task Force can either be open for anybody to join, join by request or closed.
If your Task Force is closed, nobody will be able to send you a request to join. In the edit page you can also set a minimum Victory Point requirement. This will help you make sure that only members of a certain experience level can request to join.

Together with your Task Force, you can go on operations, and gather as many Force Points possible to rise up the leaderboard. Each member can only launch one attack though, so use the chat log to carefully plan your strategy!

How do I start an Operation?

In order to start an Operation on a Power Base, you must have enough Intel. Task Force members gather Intel by attacking Blackguard bases on the Archipelago or by defending their bases against attacks. Gathered Intel contributes to the Task Force’s combined Intel count.

After entering the operation map, you’ll see various operation targets. Listed next to the operation’s name, you’ll see the Intel it costs to start the operation, as well as the potential Force Points to be gained from it.
The further right you scroll on the map, the more difficult, and expensive Operations become.

After you have started an Operation, you will see several Power Bases. Scout them in order to plan your attack. Each member only gets one attack. So planning is everything!
Use the chat log to strategize these attacks, this will greatly increase your chances for victory.
Each building destroyed will give you one Force Point. The main target is the Power Core – once it is destroyed all other buildings will fall, giving you the maximum amount of Force Points available for the Operation.
Each operation last 24 hours – even if you destroy all Power Bases before that.

Should you fail to destroy the Power Core, you will still keep the Force Points already gathered by destroying the other buildings.

What is Intel?

Once you have joined or created your own Task Force, your troops can start gathering Intel from battles against Blackguard bases. They might not find Intel in every enemy base but don’t give up and keep attacking!
You can also gain Intel by successfully defending your base, or at least eliminating a certain amount of your attackers troops. The amount of Intel you gain on defense depends on the amount of eliminated troops.

Intel allows you to embark on secret operations. Keep in mind that the Intel you gather is always contributed to your Task Force. Should you leave a Task Force, you do not take the Intel with you. Intel always stays with the Task Force it was contributed to.

There is a cap to how much Intel each Task Force size can gather:
5 members = 250
10 members = 400
25 members = 600
50 members = 1000

A Task Force’s Intel, as well as Intel contributed independently by specific players can be seen from the “My Task Force” screen.

Intel collected by each member is shown next to their name and the count resets weekly.

In the interest of fairness, we’ve adjusted Operation Intel costs based on the size of your Task Force. See the new stats below:

5-man TFs = 40% intel cost for each OP
10-man TFs = 60% intel cost for each OP
25-man TFs = 90% intel cost for each OP
50-man TFs = 120% intel cost for each OP

So for example: Operation “Dead End” used to cost 460 Intel.
For a 50 member TF the cost has risen to 552.
For a 25 member TF the cost will now be 414
For a 10 member TF the cost will now be 276
For a 5 member TF the cost will now be 184


When attacking a Power Base with your Task Force, you can now increase your chances of destroying the base by sabotaging defensive buildings!

Sabotage is available to Leaders and Officers. In Scout mode you will see a new button called “Sabotage”. When choosing Sabotage, the game will blow up a random defensive building, excluding the Power Core, Power Cells and Mines.
The cost for the first Sabotage is 3 Intel. You can sabotage a Power Base as often as you like but the Intel cost will increase by 2 Intel with each consecutive sabotage. If you sabotage buildings in one Power Base, the cost will also go up for Sabotage in the other base of the same operation.

If other members of the Task Force are scouting the base at the same time, they will see the Sabotage live. The Operations log will show who sabotaged which base and how much Intel it cost.

Pro Tip: To increase your chances of Sabotaging crucial defensive buildings, you and your Task Force can “clean up” the easier ones first, before using Sabotage.


Selecting the High Scores tab will show you the global Task Force leaderboard. Here you can choose to see Leaderboard for Task Forces with 5, 10, 25 or 50 members. To keep competition fair, Task Forces of the same size are grouped together in the same Leaderboards.

Within each sub-leaderboard, Task Forces are ranked according to their Force Points. Please note, that Task Force Points will decrease by 5% every day. This is to keep the game fair and competitive – also new Task Forces should have a chance to climb the leaderboard.

Invite players

There is no invitation function, but players can request to join or join freely if your Task Force is set to “Anyone can join”. There are two ways to find your Task Force: either by searching its name in the “Find” tab or with your Task Forces’ unique #Tag. This makes it easier to find your Task Force if it has a common name.

You can find Task Force Tags on the “My Task Force” screen, it starts with a # and typically contains randomized numbers and letters.


To activate the chat function you must join a Task Force first. Once you are in a Task Force – a little grey square with a little speech bubble will appear on the right side of your screen.
Tap on it and it will expand the chat window.
In order to enter your message, tap into the white box and the keyboard will appear. Hit the little green square when you’re ready to send your message.

In order to close the chat window you can either tap on the screen outside of the chat window or use the little cross in the upper right corner.

Roger that? Then chat away Commander!

Reporting players

Boom Beach is home to many friendly, decent people. But sometimes within big communities, you may come across players who don’t know how to behave…

We have filters in place that should prevent players from choosing inappropriate names for bases or Task Forces, but unfortunately some content may sometimes slip through.

Also, there are currently no filters in the Task Force chat, so caution must be taken when joining one, or inviting people to yours. If your Task Force settings are set to ‘anyone can join’, you might want to restrict them to ‘join by request’ or ‘closed’ in order to control better who is admitted.

If you encounter inappropriate content in the game, please take screenshots of the interaction as well as the offending player’s base. Send us all that information by using the ‘Contact Us’ button. Offensive content can be any of the following:

  • Inappropriate base layout
  • Inappropriate language in Task Force chat
  • Inappropriate base or Task Force name, or offensive Task Force description

Thanks for your support Commander!


The difficulty indicators will help you to pick the right Operation for your Task Force. The indicators are specially customized, analyzing the XP levels of your Task Force members. The difficulties are:

  • too easy
  • easy
  • normal
  • hard
  • impossible

Is your Task Force up for Operation Impossible?

Need help?