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If you find something useful on here, it's probably an accident.

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Stack Exchange is a network of Q&A websites on a variety of topics where users can post questions and answers to those questions. Posts in this category are generally regarding my experiences on the site, including but not limited to scripts and other widely-used content for my main site, Ask Different. Content posted in this category has been referred to and linked to around Stack Exchange, including on Stack Overflow and Super User.

grgarside is currently second on the All Time Reputation leaderboard for Ask Different from thousands of answers across a variety of topics from macOS to iOS.

grgarside's SE statistics

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Consecutive time at #1 in week reputation: 27 weeks
(Ask Different record, previously set by bmike at 17 weeks)


Flag accuracy: 99%, Marshal badge

New navigation custom CSS for Stack Exchange

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The new top nav for Stack Overflow isn't quite right. Here's some CSS to improve it whilst keeping the new ideas.

Stack Exchange Ask Different Winter Bash 2016 Leaderboard Graph

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With the start of 2017 comes the end of the Stack Exchange Winter Bash 2016. Here's some statistics for Ask Different users

Stack Exchange Ask Different Winter Bash 2015 Leaderboard Graph

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Stack Exchange Winter Bash 2015 is over, so here's some statistics for Ask Different over the 28 day period

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This stylesheet extends the width of Stack Overflow, Super User and all other Stack Exchange sites which have been updated to the latest CSS.

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Finder.h for What is the significance of 1946-02-14 08:34:56?

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Terminal output of checking Safari codesign for this comment

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Localizable.strings file from for this answer

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