Thanks, I really appreciate that.

Regarding search transition: we're working on it. I wish we could simply get rid of it but it's not that easy. There's many edge cases for example: some users have tons of rep and badges (so their profile is wider) and some of them are even mods (so they have additional nav items on right). And sometimes we display special badge next to our logo to announce new feature or something else. All those things take a lot of space so there are scenarios where search field is like 120-150px wide - and that's just not enough (we also need space for search submit button).

One could argue "you don't need search submit" or "just skip the rep and badges - avatar is enough" or "get rid of Users from nav" or "i don't use Jobs, get rid of that from nav" or (...). There are many options, sure. But none of them are ideal. There's a lot of people who need submit button. There're tons of people who care about rep and badges (it drives gamification, and that's absolutely crucial for our site existence). We also can't get rid of Jobs - it's one of our main sources of income on SO and we need money to live.

You've also proposed to combine main nav with profile, search, inbox, achievements etc (so similar way to what we currently have on SO)... And that's fair, BUT we have to make everything unified across whole SE network. And the network is not just two or three sites. There're lots of them: and many of them have customized skin (including header). So we also have to make sure new topbar would work well with ALL site skins - and that's simply impossible. You like the one you designed, sure. But customized skins are also part of each community brand and identity. And we can't simplify header like that for ALL sites.

Anyway, just wanted to quickly explain why do we sometimes make decisions that not everyone like. There's just many aspects we need to consider and I've briefly described just few of them.