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macOS Catalina hidden features

macOS 2019-12-16 2

I've collected some functionality from macOS Catalina that I've not seen discussed elsewhere into this post, which will hopefully show you some new & hidden features you hadn't noticed yet.


Content Caching in macOS High Sierra

macOS 2019-06-01 8

Content Caching is a new feature available in High Sierra, making the existing Caching service from available to all consumers to use in their home environment.


macOS High Sierra hidden features

macOS 2019-08-07

Another year, another disappointing macOS release. Here's the most comprehensive list of hidden features and underdocumented changes in macOS High Sierra.


macOS Sierra hidden features

macOS 2019-08-06

System-wide Drag all menu bar items You can now drag any menu bar item, including third party menu bar items and the Spotlight item. Hold command and drag any menu bar item along the bar to reposition it. It seems the only menu bar item that can’t be repositioned is the Notification Center item, but […]


OS X El Capitan hidden features

macOS 2019-11-25 2

Alongside the small improvements made in OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple made a number of smaller improvements across the system which may go unnoticed by the majority of users. Here’s all the little things OS X El Capitan: a list of the things I’ve spotted that are new or have changed in El Capitan since […]


Safari 8.0.7 update for OS X

macOS 2019-06-01

Safari 8.0.7 has been released through the Mac App Store as part of the Pre-release OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 Update Seed 14E17e/14E26a. This update is available to download if you are subscribed to pre-release seeds of OS X, either by being a developer or through the public beta release system that Apple introduced. This update, […]


OS X Yosemite hidden features

macOS 2019-11-25

There’s a vast array of new features in OS X Yosemite, but alongside all the highlights, there’s a number of subtler changes to the way OS X works, including under-documented features and changes. Here’s my list of favourite OS X Yosemite hidden features that have gone unannounced and unappreciated by the masses. High Performance Graphics […]