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AMPDevicesAgent wants to use your confidential information

macOS 2020-01-12 2

When connecting iPhone or iPad to Mac, the Finder app will open. You can disable this by running the following command in Terminal. This sets a user preference on


Bypass ‘Safari no longer supports the unsafe extension’ in macOS Mojave

macOS 2019-12-17 84

Install any extension blocked by Safari in macOS Mojave using Safari's developer tools from its safariextz file to bypass the error message ‘Safari no longer supports the unsafe extension’.


Hey Siri in Sierra on macOS

macOS 2019-06-01 5

Enable Hey Siri in macOS Sierra to activate Siri just like iOS, without additional software. Works from anywhere at any time.


Show private log messages in Catalina’s

macOS 2019-12-13 6

Unified Logging in macOS Sierra replaces sensitive information with private in the logs to hide the information, and this is how users and developers can unhide the information


Installing Hugs 98 on macOS

macOS 2019-06-01

Here’s the latest instructions for how to install Hugs 98 on macOS. All the other documentation I could find was regarding installing the full Haskell platform and GHC, so if all you want is Hugs 98 for a university module, here’s how to get it. You’ll need to open Terminal to run these commands (and […]


Add DoubleClick for Publishers to Google Tag Manager

Google 2019-06-01 45

How to use GTM to add your DFP Small Business or Premium ad units and ad tags to pages on your site.


Vector Magic crash in macOS

macOS 2019-06-01 68

Fix Vector Magic Desktop Edition crash when smoothing image in macOS Sierra, due to an updated system dylib incompatible with Vector Magic. It's possible to provide an older version of libBLAS.dylib without modifying macOS for Vector Magic to use, fixing the issue.


Package is incompatible with this version of macOS

macOS 2019-06-01

This package is is incompatible with this version of OS X and may fail to install. Installing this package may damage your system, and the installation may fail.


Can’t submit app to iTunes Connect with beta macOS

iOS 2019-06-01 20

Fix apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 6.4 or later, and iOS 8 SDK when submitting app using El Capitan beta.

App Store Connecttutorial

Photos attempted to repair the library

macOS 2019-12-30 11

How to fix Photos has attempted to repair the library Photos Library.photoslibrary, but is unable to open. The library could not be opened—here's the fix.


Decode data plist in property list files

macOS 2019-06-01 2

Property lists, or plists, can contain data key-value pairs, which are binary property list files encoded in Base64. As they are, they’re impossible to parse and extract any meaningful data from. However, decoding them is very easy and you end up with a very nice looking pretty-printed property list file. Here’s how to decode data […]


Custom Characters in macOS Accent Popup

macOS 2019-06-01 11

You can add custom characters to these popups to include your own characters (and even strings) by customising


Person markup for adding structured data

Google 2019-06-01

Adding structured data to your personal website will allow Google and other search engines to show rich snippets for your site. This is especially important on your homepage to promote your content. You can use a variety of markup to your page to add person structured data providing a lot of extra bot-readable information to […]


Keyboard Maestro intricacies

macOS 2020-01-12

Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist stores all macros in KM, which can be found alongside other KM settings in your home‘s library folder.


Fix Safari 8 crash on launch in Yosemite

macOS 2019-06-01

It seems OS X Yosemite developer preview 4 (DP4) has broken Safari 8’s ability to access favourites, or Smart Search Field, or something, and whenever the browser attempts to access these features, it crashes. As by default, Safari 8 has the Smart Search Field which shows your favourites when you click the address bar, or […]


Fix orange flashing light on BT Smart Hub broadband

Technology 2019-09-25 8

It seems there’s yet another bug in the BT Home Hub 5 and later BT Smart Hubs causing it to be unable to connect to broadband and show an orange flashing light. This time, the fix is easier than getting a replacement, although it’s more of a workaround. This is the fix to the problem […]


Fix cellular data app settings not saving on iOS

iOS 2019-12-15 6

There's a bug with /var/wireless/Library/Databases/CellularUsage.db and here's how to fix it.


Keynote Magic Move two different objects

macOS 2019-06-01

Magic Move in Keynote for macOS and iOS is a transition effect between two slides that allows you to animate an object’s movement between the same element on two different slides. This effect is powerful as it can be used to create a number of advanced transitions using different elements. However, out of the box, […]